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本文摘要:The first child in the world to undergo a double hand transplant has been able to fulfil his dream of swinging a baseball bat.全世界第一个拒绝接受双手重制的少年儿童早就搭建了他挥动篮球球棒的理想。


The first child in the world to undergo a double hand transplant has been able to fulfil his dream of swinging a baseball bat.全世界第一个拒绝接受双手重制的少年儿童早就搭建了他挥动篮球球棒的理想。A Lancet study reveals that the global first has been classed as a success.《柳叶刀》医学期刊的一项研究表明,全世界第一例少年儿童双手移殖手术成功了。Zion Harvey, who underwent the radical surgery at the age of eight, was able to write, feed and dress himself within 18 months of the procedure, researchers found.学者寻找,拒绝接受根治术手术的8岁的锡安·哈维在手术后18个月内早就必须自身写毛笔字、入睡和穿衣服。

And the American child - who lost his hands and feet at the age of two due to a life-threatening sepsis infection - is continuing to receive daily therapy, which could result in further advances.来源于英国的哈维2岁时易恐怖的败血病病毒性感染迫不得已切除了双手两脚。他如今每日以后拒绝接受康复治疗放化疗,预估状况将更进一步提升。


Before undergoing the 11 hour operation, the young boy was unable to dress, feed and wash himself. Zion told doctors that his ambition was to one day swing a baseball bat.在拒绝接受11个钟头的手术前,哈维没法独自一人穿衣服、入睡和入睡。哈维对他说医师他的愿望是有一天必须挥动篮球球棒。After achieving this, the child, from Baltimore in Maryland said: Heres the piece of my life that was missing. Now its here, my life is complete.愿望搭建后,来源于马里兰州巴尔的摩的哈维说道:“以往我生命中缺点的那一部分找寻了,我的人生因而而看起来初始。

”Within days of the US surgery, which involved four medical teams, working simultaneously, the child was able to move his fingers.历经四个医生团队的另外期待,手术几日后,哈维必须主题活动手指头了。By six months, he could move the transplanted hand muscles, and soon after was able to use scissors and crayons, doctors found.医师寻找,接近六个月,男孩儿早就能够主题活动重制的手里的全身肌肉,快速他又必须用以剪子和水彩颜料。


And 12 months after undergoing surgery, the boy was able to fulfil his dream of swinging a baseball bat, using both hands.手术12个月后,男孩儿搭建了用双手挥动篮球球棒的理想。The medical report of the case, published in The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health journal, also details a series of setbacks.公布发布在《柳叶刀儿童与青少年身体健康杂志》上的医药学汇报还详细表明了在其中一系列的波折。On eight occasions, the transplant began to be rejected, which was managed with immunosuppression drug.重制的双手经常会出现过八次敌对状况,每一次都被免疫抑制药品操控寄住了。

The child also suffered minor infections and impairment to his transplanted kidney, the anonymised report notes.这篇电子邮箱的汇报特别是在谈及,哈维的重制肾脏功能也是有轻微病毒性感染和损伤。Our study shows that hand transplant surgery is possible when carefully managed and supported by a team of surgeons, transplant specialists, occupational therapists, rehabilitation teams, social workers and psychologists, said Dr Sandra Amaral, of the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia.费城儿科医院的珍妮弗·阿马拉尔医师说道:“大家的科学研究强调,在外科医师、重制专业医生、岗位康复师、康复治疗精英团队、社会工作师和心理学专家精英团队的仔细管理方法和抵制下,手臂的移殖手术是能够顺利完成的。”18 months after the surgery, the child is more independent and able to complete day-to-day activities.“手术的18个月后,哈维更加独立国家,能够顺利完成平时主题活动。”He continues to improve as he undergoes daily therapy to increase his hand function, and psychosocial support to help deal with the ongoing demands of his surgery.“他如今每日都进行加强手臂作用的康复治疗放化疗,情况在持续改进。

社会心理抵制帮助他应对手术后大大的转变的回绝。”The surgery took place in July 2015 at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia in collaboration with Penn Medicine.此次手术于二零一五年10月由费城儿科医院和宾夕法尼亚大学医科院协作大力开展。Researchers said that caution must be taken when assessing the benefits and harms of such surgery, given the need for immunosuppression medication which carries risk for other conditions.科学研究工作人员说道,因为手术后需要用以免疫抑制药品,而该类药的用以又具造成别的情况的风险性,因此 大家在评定该类手术带来的好处和危害时必不可少谨慎。


While functional outcomes are positive and the boy is benefiting from his transplant, this surgery has been very demanding for this child and his family, Dr Amaral said.阿马拉尔医师说道,“虽然重制双手的作用肾脏功能不错,哈维也借此机会获利,殊不知哈维和亲人也为手术成本了许多。”In July last year, Chris King became the first person in the UK to have a double hand transplant in a pioneering operation at Leeds General Infirmary.上年七月,在利兹总院的一次超前性手术中,查尔斯·金沦落了美国拒绝接受双手重制的第一人。



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